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Bathroom Vanity Mirror... 1 large or 2 smaller?

last year

Building a new home &the master bathroom will have a vanity 126" long. I've changed the cabinet configuration to have the sinks closer together, which look better with 2 mirrors. The ceiling is 9 ft. No knee space with the cabinets. My husband really wants 2 mirrors... I'm just wondering if 1 large mirror would be better. I have plenty of space, so not looking to necessarily make the room look larger. Shower will be solid wall (not glass) & no door. Drop in tub with the apron of tub finished w/trim. I've always had 1 large mirror, so having 2 would be a nice change. If 2, I would put wall sconces to the left & right of the mirrors (total of 4)... What size mirrors would be best? Thanks all!

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