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Furniture placement in a living room with a corner fireplace

FruitFly Forever
3 years ago


I am looking for help with furniture selection and placement in the living room portion of an open concept living room/dining room/kitchen area. There is a corner fireplace that we hope to use frequently. We will not have a TV in this room. We hope to place a small digital piano in the room if we can figure out where to place it (dimensions 53.3" x 31.2" x 11.7"). The seating (which we need to buy more of!) will hopefully be placed in a way that would encourage spending time together and hearing each other easily. We have 3 young children so for now, the wide open space in the center of the room has been the perfect place to play soccer with a small soft ball and to run around - sadly I can't imagine having seating placed in a way that would both encourage conversation and leave tons of space to run around. Or maybe I am wrong! It seems that placing furniture against the wall is highly discouraged although I am open to all ideas!

Given that we have young children, it's very important to us to have furniture that can be easily cleaned and that does not have sharp edges. I am questioning whether we can make the dark gray leather couch which can be seen in the pictures work well in this room or not - but it has certainly help up wonderfully over the years! So easy to maintain! I like light, neutral colors so I am very tempted to move the couch to the basement playroom and to get something lighter in color for this room. The kids foam mat seen in the pictures can obviously be moved anywhere but we have been playing with the kids on it in that room for now since we don't yet have an area rug. Advice on area rugs and window treatments would also be very appreciated. I have been trying to figure this room out for a while but can't seem to do it. I hope the pictures and floor plan will be helpful. Thanks in advance for all suggestions!

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