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Potted Chinese Wisteria Overwintering

Liam Kilpert
last year

So I have a wisteria in a pot that has not gone through canadian winters. I am in Ontario, Canada, Waterloo area. Now on Google it says that chinese wisteria are hardy down to zone 4, where I am is zone 5b I believe. So has anyone had success in overwintering these in harsh winter areas? Right now I have 2 options I think. One is to keep it in my unheated garage or unheated shed. Problem with this is I dont think I will be able to have a fan going for it so it wont have any air flow. Second option is if it is hardy enough I could bury it with its pot either in the ground and mulch up the trunk a bit or bury it under my plant table outside and throw a tarp over it to protect it from frost and really harsh winds.
If I should burry it in the ground I would dig it up early spring and have it sit inside during late frost risk nights.
If anybody has some personal experiences in wisteria and harsh winters that worked for them I would appreciate that, here is a picture of the vine. It is a young vine but not to young if I had to guys 5 - 8 years old? Not sure.

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