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New Zeon Zoysia Sod Problems - Frisco

Eli Lee
last year
last modified: last year


I live in the Dallas area and I got new Zeon Zoysia sod laid down 5 weeks ago and I am noticing some issues.

I've had St Augustine before which was in very bad shape when we bought the house and the pro recommended Zeon Zoysia.

When the installer came, he did not rototill the soil. They used a string trimmer to cut down the St Augustine, raked the soil, laid some compost on the lower areas to level and laid down the sod. They also rolled the sod and fed the sod with a Iron granule treatment.

After 5 weeks, my Zeon Zoysia has not grown much and the blades are matted flat. Also I am noticing that the gaps are very wide in some areas. About 1 inch. Possibly due to shifting? Also the edges of almost all the sod squares are brown. I've been watering for 20mins per day for 2 weeks and 20 mins every other days for the last 3 weeks. Now I am on a once a week for 25mins schedule.

I've just put down a 7-18-18 fertilizer and since I am noticing some disease on 4 of the sod squares, I've also put down an application of Fungicide.

My concerns are the browning of the edges, the matted flat blades and the wide gaps between the sod squares.
Also since the St Augustine roots were not removed, I am noticing it growing back in some of the edges. Should I worry that it will overtake my lawn next spring?

What can I do to resolve these? Is this just a waiting game? Should I apply some top soil on the gaps and overseed? Anything else I should account for as we prepare for the winter?

Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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