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Rose identification help needed

LauraLG Z5b-NwPA
3 years ago

I’m hoping you guys can help ID this rose. It’s my sister’s and she has no idea what it is. It’s very fragrant and deeply cupped. She’s in rough shape right now because she’s been a bit neglected due to my sister’s health this year (she had COVID and has lingering health issues due to it). I‘d like to take a cutting from it next year to try to propagate this one for myself. It is extremely hardy with no winter protection in our zone 5 which is a big plus for me. According to her there is a bit of die back each year but most of the cane is still living in the spring. It’s on the pinker side of red and, as you can see, it has some well developed hips there too. If you have any ideas of what it could be, I’d like to hear some suggestions! I’ll have to upload pictures in a few posts because Houzz won’t let me add more than one photo per post. Thank you!

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