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Does this tv placement make sense?

2 years ago

I shared pics of my long narrow living room awhile back. See the below pics. (Ignore the chaise and cabinet floating in the second half of the room. I made no attempt there.) Someone suggested the tv be hung on the wall where the clock is, and move the furniture so that the fireplace isn’t so ignored. I included this person’s drawup as well.

The last picture is a piece of cardboard the size of the tv. Thoughts on the tv placement? Is it too high? The center of the “tv” is at about 63”. Is it weird that the light switch is right below the tv? Is it weird that the tv hangs off the wall? Heck, I dont even know how to hang a tv on a wall. That will be husband’s part. Maybe it wouldn‘t work to hang it on this little section of wall.

Somone had mentioned sheetrocking where the shelf is. Could be done but... 1) the fireplace is recessed compared to the Sheetrock where the clock/“tv” is, and 2) the tv gadgets (dvd player and and dish network box) could go on that shelf.

Thanks for your input!

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