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No longer friendly or fun

2 years ago

I came here way before Houzz bought Garden Web. I didn't go back as far as Spike, but probably was close. I found it searching for help with my new greenhouse. I not only found that, but a lot of my other interests. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and kind. It was like talking to your next door neighbor, but they were all over the world. My original login name is lost. When Houzz took over, it kept telling me that I could not have it, because it belonged to someone else. That someone else was me!

It is not like that anymore. The bullies have taken over. This is no longer fun. To those who have really been helpful, thank you. To the rest, have fun. In case you haven't noticed, there are not NEAR as many posters now, you are why.

Yes, I can Google. But, you know, Google brings up millions of different hits and not all are good.

Just want the bullies to know, I didn't get taken off by Houzz, I pulled the plug myself. As I said above, this is not a place that I enjoy anymore. Goodbye.

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