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How bad are supply chain problems due to Covid? Thinking kitchen reno

3 years ago

How bad are things now or will they be in the next four or five months?

I've read all of the articles about being unable to get appliances. And, I know IKEA cabinetry can be difficult to source. What other items are hard to source when doing a kitchen renovation?

We will be changing the placement of one kitchen wall; installing all new cabinets (most likely IKEA), counters and appliances; installing new lighting; replacing a few interior doors; installing new maple trim throughout the entire first floor; and putting new LVP throughout the first floor etc. (The flooring store told me the LVP I want is readily available.)

This is a townhouse second home we bought last winter, and it hasn't been touched in 40 years. We've already had three bathrooms redone and haven't really run into any supply chain issues thus far. But, I am wondering about the difficulty of doing a kitchen remodel.

Unfortunately, this is more a matter of "has to be done" rather than "gee, I'd like to upgrade for a new look" so I can wait for a few years. Appliances are on their very last legs, and the main floor flooring is so disgusting you don't want to walk on it even with shoes on. Since I intend to use the same LVP throughout the main floor (other than the bathroom), everything needs to be done at once, and the kitchen is at the heart of all this.

Have you had problems with sourcing items? Thanks.

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