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Thermador 48" Pro Harmony Range PRG486WDH

3 years ago

What has been your experience with the Thermador 48" all gas range? I love the griddle feature, the star burners, and the ease of the sliding racks. However, I've only had our range for 6 months and they had to replace computer module because the probe setting wasn't working. They got it fixed and service was very good.

I don't use the probe often unless I cooking a roast/brisket....When I was finishing up the brisket in the oven yesterday, i couldn't get the probe to work again, it was intermittent for the display. So i had to use my wireless thermometer and to my dismay, i didn't realize the ambient temp was about 25 degrees higher than what i had it set for. At 225F, it was actually reading about 248-249F.

Is this the case with a gas range? or has anyone experienced any issues with the oven portion of the Thermador ranges? I contacted Thermador and they are sending a tech out, but they said the new ovens have no calibration and are programmed to work by profile cooking? She said there's no way to get a true accurate temperature reading. I'm not sure if that's the only answer but I feel that almost 25 degrees differential is quite a big difference.

Also, is there any solutions for the broil function? it can only operate at "high" broil. hard to control it not to burn when i broil. my old Wolf oven and even my cheaper Electrolux oven had a low/med/high broil temp option.

Thanks for your comments.

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