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Design Dilemma Needs Help

Margaret Delmar
2 years ago

I have a 1959 single story brick ranch that has a side facing front entryway with an attached carport? The flat front of the house is very boring. I can’t wrap my head around that side facing front door? Getting out of a vehicle is not user friendly. It’s so small that you have to step off the carport to get around your vehicle? I love modern industrial or modern mid century architecture. I would love to add a thick square metal cover to the front somehow, clad the entire underneath of it, the carport and eaves with a slatted maple wood grained product and cover the facia with black. I am considering a marine grade aluminum that has a 15 year warranty and stands up to the blasting sun of Phoenix AZ.

I am keeping the existing windows because they are steel and in pristine condition. I think I can clean up the steel mullions, frame the windows out and paint everything black.

That’s as far as I can get? I was thinking about the ledger rock along the bottom of the front of the house from around the corner of the front right wall to the left corner of that wall. Then I was thinking about vertical siding on the entire front porch (from floor to ceiling) area wrapped around the corner about a foot.

I would like to make the drive wider on both sides of it with pavers possibly? And the property is flood irrigated, so I don’t know how to add vegetation. But it needs it desperately.

I’m thinking about painting it a dark gray color with all the trim being black?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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