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Suburban Blah Into Mediterranean Dream?

3 years ago

I live in Washington DC, looking to make a move out to the nearby suburbs in the next year. We have lots of architecture styles out here though not a lot of Mediterranean (save for the multi-million dollar mansions in only the nicest parts of town) but it’s always been my style of choice.

I’d love to buy a modest suburban home (split-level, Colonial, rancher, etc) at around 2,000 square feet and spend $200,000 - $300,000 on a renovation to transform it into a Mediterranean/Spanish revival type. Thinking: stucco exterior, Spanish tile patios, iron windows, wrought iron details, plaster interior, Mediterranean-style tile entryway and front door, updated kitchens and baths, etc.

Because I don’t see a lot of Med out here, how should I go about looking for a builder? Will a designer/builder think this kind of plan is too far fetched for an area like this? Is this kind of scope possible for at or under $300,000? Feeling lost!

Thank you for any thoughts!

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