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Help! Requesting Front Yard Landscaping & Curb Appeal Suggestions

2 years ago

We live in a cul de sac and have the largest front yard which is overshadowed by a very large tree. This tree is ominously swaying towards the circle's power lines and likely needs to be cut down. Our grass has been ransacked by squirrels and skunks; I tried getting rid of the grubs but then weeds just overtook and there's like 3 different types of grass growing in patches. Plus, our driveway is slightly too narrow for double parking and I'm dreaming of adding 2-3ft with a mini retaining wall to align with the stairs. I'm so overwhelmed with just the basics, but I really want to create a beautiful
foundation garden and cover the facade of the stairs. I have no idea what to do with the side patio...

I'm Zone 6, Canada. Prefer a low or maintenance-free garden (my succulents do well in the dirt) and like the idea of year-round greenery mixed with summer/fall perennials. This is my first ever houzz post; please help :)

Found 2 baby Rose of Sharon trees in the backyard when we moved in and transplanted here.

I'm not looking forward to chopping down the evergreen because it provides much appreciated privacy from the road and neighbours.

This is the only patio space I have right now. I'm not one to sit here, but I don't want my patio to be bare. I'd also like some privacy from the neighbours beyond the fence.

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