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Advice please - dog urine smell and hardwood floor dilemma

A Green
last year
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Hello everyone, please let me know your experience with treating dog urine smell. We bought the house with hardwood floor knowing there was a section of the darkened floors to be replaced before sanding/staining. Unfortunately, it was not the dog pee that occured 13 years ago (as we were told) because the floor was wet (moisture level >30% with being vacant for nearly 3 months) and subfloor was ruined (stain on base plates, joists, basement ceiling...).

We did as much as we can. We ripped off some basement ceiling, replaced two subfloor boards, applied Kiltz (two coats water-based mixing with Lysol and two coats of oil-based). However, when we walked into the house today after being away for two days, we can still smell the faint dog urine smell. We haven't moved in yet. I am debating on whether I should just rip-out and replace the ENTIRE living room floor. I sniffed the floor, there are still certain smelly boards in the living room. We have already replaced 1/4 of the living room floor. Though the damage is in the living room, my neighbor told me that the dog lived in the family room. I went to smell the family room floor, there are a couple of smelly boards, too.

Do you think staining and refinishing the floor would encapsulate the smell? We plan to use water-based floor stain.

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