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Need help with hall bathroom lighting placement

2 years ago

The bathroom has been gutted now, but I wanted to show the lights that used to be in this hall bathroom. No windows and only the 10 bar lights above the vanity. The bar lights were attached to the 14" wide oak board. Now, the board is gone, the 3 triangle shaped corner medicine cabinets, and the enormous L shaped vanity is gone. Even the drywall is gone. It has been 5 months since we gutted the bathroom, and we are hoping that an electrician and a plumber will show up. We get put on their schedule, then they don't show up.

We had installed a heater/vent/night light previously, so when we removed the 10 bulb light bars, we had very little light to tear out the paneling drywall. We had a 42" ceiling fan/light sitting in the garage, so we had it installed. That will be uninstalled when we add the alcove tub with a new wall. Previously, there was a corner shower with two walls and 2 glass doors, so we need to add a wall right in front of the toilet.

The sink cabinet was too big. The new sink cabinet will be 48" wide and will be only on the toilet wall. So now, I need to choose lighting for this 12 ft x 7.5 ft bathroom. The only light left will be the heater/vent/night light.

I am thinking about using lights above the mirror. I don't think sconces beside the mirror will put off enough light. Layered lighting in the room?

Do I need an overhead light? Recessed lights?

Do I need a waterproof light over the shower/tub or will the lights be bright enough to reach the shower?

We will have a glass shower/tub screen on the 5 ft tub. The two shower walls used to be glass, so we had plenty of light before. Now, it will be an alcove bath. The vanity lights will be on the 7.5 ft walls.

"CF" is where the ceiling fan light currently is. "R" shows receptacles on the wall. The vanity lights will illuminate the 12 ft wall to the exit door, but I am not sure enough light will reach around the new wall, but it is the back of the tub.

I am crossing my fingers that the electrician will show up next week, so I need advice about light placement.

I also need a light in the hall closet. Can anyone suggest a light for the closet? I have a new round ceiling light that holds 1 - 60 watt bulb. Will that work in a 22" x 39" wide closet?


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