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Need some great advice on updating my home!

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

In the middle of a whole house update. I say “update” and not remodel because I’m on a budget! I just ordered brushed nickel door levers to replace all gold door knobs on bedroom and bathroom doors and front door but now having second thoughts! I see brushed brass/gold fixtures that are striking! Please help me make some decisions...

  1. kitchen pics.... lights above island are new and need to stay! I’m willing to replace kitchen knobs and light above sink (although I do like it : ) and kitchen faucet. I have also been toying with the idea of painting my island a dark blue. Getting granite - not sure color but something with white and grays?
  2. living room pic is just for reference. I recently added curtains. Will (at some time) replace my couch but not in the very new future.
  3. bedroom pic. Sorry it’s not a great pic! Looking to put something over my bed. Was looking for driftwood but can’t find anything long enough. Light/fan stays as well as dresser hardware and drapes and rod (all recently replaced. Again, just adding for reference!
  4. bathroom. In process of remodel. Light above tub and pictures just added as well as shelves on right side of sink. Will be adding new sink faucets and granite. Purchased chrome light fixture for above mirror already. Started replacing hardware with chrome knobs. I am willing to change everything except the lights, towel rack and sheOf as I can no longer return them!
  5. pic of hallway door that shows old hardware and color of my flooring. No, as much as I’d love to refinish all my floors to a darker, more modern color, it’s a huge undertaking and cost that I’m not looking to do! Will be changing hallway paint color, getting rid of yellow tone- just not sure of the color!

If you’ve read all of this, Thank you! If you can comment, I’d truly appreciate any/all advice! I can see what I like but can’t put it all together!!!!

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