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Window treatment suggestions for 2 - 12 ft sliding doors facing East.

2 years ago

I need sun coverage for just a few hours in the morning...more so now since sun infiltrates the room more in the fall and winter.

Priority is not to block my views. i would leave them bare if it wasn’t for liklihood of fading. If I am going to use something the curtains would be fully opened most of the day. I’ve put off making a decision since I can’t find an ideal solution. I really feel like I’ve looked at most options...

grommets create the smallest stack back? Can I use grommet curtains that are not split so that the stack back is all on one end...perhaps the end near the builtin. Don’t love the grommet but might consider because of tighter stack back. I also like Linen-look semi sheers too but they have a large stackback unfortunately.

I’ve had the custom drapery gal here several times as she did the rest of my windows. She’s made many suggestions that I’ve rejected since they all involved some degree of blocking the view. neither she or I have been able to figure out an ideal treatment. The adjoining room has roller shades on the windows, that I’m really happy with but won’t work here.

anything I’m not thinking of here?? Is the grommet idea the best?

am I being too picky since I don’t really like anything we’ve thought about? Do I need to accept that I’m going to have to compromise view vs glass coverage? Thank you so much.

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