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Can you help me choose a trim color for my newly painted house?

Mike Krause
3 years ago

Cut right to it. About a week ago I had my house painted to a creamy color that, in my opinion, goes well given the house has stone accents.

The problem is I, nor the painting company, had a color picked out for the trim, garage door, front door, shutters, and vertical and horizontal slacks above the garage door and front bedroom window. Because of no color in mind, we tried to find something on the fly to match stone accent but this apparently wasn’t successful. As you can see the paint for the above is a little too purple for my liking.

Luckily the painting company said once I have a new color or colors selected for the trim, garage, front door, shutters, etc they will come and repaint those areas for free having it be such a small portion of the overall house. I need help with finding a good color for those areas. I want to do the shutters and trim all one color ... and definitely need help with what color to do with front door and garage. Any advice? Thanks!

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