Questions re Sizes of Mature David Austin Roses...and Others?

I am thinking and re-thinking and re-imagining moving roses around to fit in just a couple questions are about some of the Austin roses and how big they will get in California -- both height and width -- so I have a better idea for placement.

Desdemona -- looks small for me now, but the measurements on the website seem to be the same or about the same as Olivia Rose Austin. But my Olivia Rose Austin is starting to look like it will get huge. I've got three canes that are now taller than me, and it's spreading, too. Will this get huge? And will Desdemona eventually get huge, too? Or will that stay very small? I'm trying to figure out if I should move a Desdemona to the very front of the border, but if it starts really growing, that would ruin things.

Queen of Sweden - I just saw photos here on the forum that gave me pause. Like it might get pretty big. Your experience?

I know Gabriel Oak and Eustacia Vye are not in the USA yet (unless you've been growing a test bush?), but any rumors about how big they'll get? I know a lot of the estimates for England are different for California...

I'm assuming that Teasing Georgia will get huge -- so my plan is to let it sprawl on a slope.

I'm assuming that The Impressionist and Polka (non-DAs) will get huge -- so planning to put them at back of border and let them get huge.

Koko Loco now seems dwarfed behind Love Song and a Carding Mill. If I move Koko Loco more toward front, will it suddenly get huge?

Golden Celebration -- is that supposed to turn into a huge bush? Maybe I need to move it in a space to let it run wild?

And Duchesse de Brabant -- got the 4" pot in spring, and it's already bigger than a couple of bareroots from January. Assuming this will get huge-- yes? What about Grandmother's Hat?

And will Princesse Charlene de Monaco get super big? I've got a couple of shoots taller than me now.

If you have pictures of these roses in your landscape at full size in context -- I'd love to take a peek!


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