Ted Lasso TV Show - What Color is Rebecca Walton’s Office?

Kathryn White
12 months ago

Hi all -

LOVING Rebecca Welton’s office in the Apple TV show ‘Ted Lasso!’

Any ideas on the wall paint color?

Couldn’t find many still images from an internet search but I think it is sort of a purple-gray?

The other side of her office has lots of lovely gold accents making the whole office feel very modern/mature glam.

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  • Marylee H
    12 months ago


  • Kathryn White
    Original Author
    12 months ago

    Oooou so awesome! Thank you!

  • My3dogs ME zone 5A
    12 months ago

    To me, it looks gray - very much like the dining room walls in this post -

    Garret Gray from Sherwin Williams

  • Marylee H
    12 months ago

  • Marylee H
    12 months ago

  • Georgetteg Melus
    5 months ago

    Does anyone know who did the artwork on the wall behind her?

  • crowberryco
    2 months ago

    Did you ever find out any information about these paintings? Ive been looking as well.

  • Jenifer Elbow
    last month

    Same, would live to know whi made it?

  • Carol Johnson
    last month

    Please tell me where I can get the lamp by her couch?

  • alleda
    29 days ago

    @Carol Johnson - I love that lamp as well!

  • HU-92773912
    24 days ago

    Evening skyline looks pretty close! has anyone tried it?

  • Jill Wixon
    8 days ago

    I’m looking for the couch too! Anybody have any clues to go on yet?

  • alleda
    8 days ago

    @HU-92773912 What is “evening skyline”? Please share! Thanks :)

  • My3dogs ME zone 5A
    6 days ago

    Evening Skyline is a Ben Moore dark gray paint color. Google it and lots of images will come up


  • Amanda Zubrick
    4 days ago

    It almost looks like two colors...on the photo with Higgins, the wall with the windows looks more blush, and the wall with the door looks darker and more gray or dusty. I love these colors too! I only noticed on a recent episode that there may be more than one wall color at play here.