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White oak stair caps stained to match floor turned yellow.

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I have to have this all redone. How do I prevent it the second time???

I had all of the wood replaced on my stairs with white oak. It sure looked beautiful in its natural state. I even thought of keeping it that way, but the guy who replaced my wood said he did that and now his looks yellowish orange and his wife hates it!

So I told my painter that I wanted to stain the wood to match my floor and use a top coat that won’t yellow. Perhaps a water based one?

He said he has done ones with water based that turned yellow and said lacquer is the way to go.

So yesterday he stained then top coated with laquer. Right after the staining I thought it looked okay but maybe just a little to dark.after he lacquered it and left I realized it looked like it had mustard undertones or a yellowish look.

This morning I look at it and just hate it! I don’t feel like it matches my floor at all. the wood on my stairs have completely different undertones than in my floor.


Can this be sanded back down and redone?

He used Sherwin Williams wiping stain can it be removed?

If pay to have this redone, how do I get different results?

Is it the stain that pulled the yellow out or the lacquer topcoat?

My floors are engineered French oak and have whiter undertone and look like they have a light greyish wash. i can’t get a photo to show its true color and it looks darker in all of the photos than it is in person. The wood on the stairs is kind of golden looking .

i am including a photo of the stain sample next to the finished board but it doesn’t show how yellow it is in the photo.

Regardless, how do I do this right next go round?

Also can this be sanded down with out having tons of sanding marks showing up next go round?

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