Has anyone used Milpas brand pickling spices mix?


I sent my husband to the store to buy ingredients for my first try at refrigerator pickles. I needed fresh dill and mustard seeds for the recipe I chose from the web. I told him to go to the Mexican spice area to look for the mustard seed because the spices there (they come in bags) are about 1/4 the cost of name brand spices in jars.

Well, bless his heart, he found a bag of Milpas brand pickling spices in the Mexican spice area (for 89 cents!) so he got that and he also got a jar of mustard seeds ('cause he knew I'd complain if he didn't).

Anyway... I made a batch of the pickles this afternoon using the recipe from the web, but I couldn't find anything on how to use the Milpas pickling spices. It has mustard seed, black peppercorns, bay leaves, coriander seed, some small red dried chilis and what they label as "spices". Everything is whole spices - nothing ground.

Any advice on what I should pair those with? I'm assuming vinegar, but do I need salt or sugar or???

Thanks for any help you can provide this novice pickler.

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sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

You just add your pickling spice to your recipe. A hundred ways to do this. You should post a link to the recipe you used. Hard to assist without that.

One way is to take a pinch, aprox 1 tBsp per quart of sliced veg. Crush up a bit as the bay leaf might be whole. Add to a dry heated small sauce pan to toast a bit. Then add equal parts water/vinegar. (I use ac vinegar) Bring to a simmer for just a few minutes, then off heat to cool a bit. Pour that over your jar of veg. Done. Let cool down a refrigerate.

-toasting and heating helps to 'bloom' and enhance the spice and the water/vinegar heated will dissolve the salt and sugars if you like a bit of sweet. (we do not salt or sugar). Quick fridge pickles are a custom recipe. Make them like you like them.

Not exact science like baking. You are basically adding a light salad dressing to veg and marinating. Just no oil. I like them best as a fresh pickle, 3-4 hours. Nice overnight. 24 hours good....they just continue to absorb the marinade. 48 hours I use chopped in slaws and fresh salads. Rarely keep for longer than 3 days. You are not actually making 'pickles' as in fermentation or 'canning'.

Small batches are the best way to test what you like. I've been fridge pickling for about 20 years.

You need a lot of salt and sugar for a fridge pickle to last longer than a week or two. Not interested as I do many other proper ferments. Bloggers and internet searched recipes are often clueless. They copy and paste recipes for for monetized 'hits' for ad income.

I make fridge pickles at least twice a week. And many different ways depending on what my crisper drawer has needing using up.


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Wow! Thanks for the advice. Beautiful pictures!

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