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Bushes or hedges along new retaining wall and fence? Help!

Gil Rivas
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I've just installed a new retaining wall and fence along my side yard. On the outside of fence which faces the street, what remains is a pie shaped hunk of my property.

I have three goals: (1) Privacy, (2) Ideally would like to keep community dogs from using that pie shape as a bathroom, (3) I also don't want to create a "hedge jungle" that becomes low cost housing for all the animals that live on a hill nearby (rats, mice, snakes, etc). Originally, my plan was to place two rows of hedges or bushes and fill in the pie. I'm concerned it will be tough to get in there and trim and it will become new housing for the neighborhood wildlife (although I think it will be a great add to the privacy). This didnt seem like a tough problem so I didnt hire a landscape designer but I must admit I am stumped. Any suggestions? Pics attached.

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