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Cosmetic Kitchen remodel - question about when new appliances come in?

Diana Li
3 years ago

I am doing a mostly cosmetic kitchen remodel:

1. demo backsplash - install new backsplash

2. demo countertop - install new countertop

3. new sink

4. replace out standalone gas range for a slide in gas range

5. replace hood vent

6. replace dishwasher

I am not planning to use GC for this since it's a small job.

I know the appliances need to be onsite for the countertop folks to take the template.

Should i just have the appliances (range, dishwasher, hood vent) onsite but not installed?

And, once new countertop and backsplash is installed in have the appliances folks/plumber come and install them?

Or, can i just have the new appliances installed with the old backsplash and countertop and make the process easier?

Thank you!


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