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I need help. Is this damage a granite fissure or a crack??

I am in the middle of a very extensive kitchen remodel. We had beautiful granite countertops installed in my kitchen about two weeks ago and yesterday the worst happened. I leaned my arm on the corner of my granite on my island to sit down on a stool and the entire corner gave way under my arm nearly cracking the tile floor. I called my countertop installer immediately and sent them photos of the damage. I received notification from them today with a bill for $500 to repair the broken corner. I paid nearly $9000 for my granite countertops as my island alone is 5 ft x 10 ft. The contract does state the countertop installers are not liable for “variations in shade, movement, veins, pits, optical distortions, or organic fissures in natural stone”. I am asking if, based on the photos, the damage is a fissure or a crack? Or if this damage falls under any of the natural defects above. I don’t personally think that this damage should be my cost as it seems to me like a crack in the granite and most likely occurred during transport. Also, they want to seal the crack rather than replacing the entire slab Which I honestly would prefer due to the size. Being that it’s a corner piece, would that maintain the integrity of the granite or will I spend the rest of my days worrying about when it will give away again? I desperately need help. Please!

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