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sloped ceiling in living room, kitchen/dining room. Paint flow help?

3 years ago

Sorry for the long post/word vomit in advance lol.
My family and I are finally in our first home and 2 months post-move in, I am STILL stuck on painting. One half of the house has a sloped ceiling - the front door opens up to a living room, which has an open view of the kitchen via a doorway slightly to the left opposite to the front door. The living room has another doorway on that corner but it faces a hallway.
The hallway and living room have "wood" laminate vinyl plank flooring, the kitchen is tiled. almost every wall in this house (besides 2 of 3 bedrooms) is all the same blegh beige that we are sick of seeing.
My main dilemma is the living room with the angle of the ceilings. I love the tall walls. The interior doorways - both on the taller parts of the room - are arched and the one leading to the hall has a wide space (id guess over a foot wide).
I want to figure out the living room before I decide on a kitchen color (or colors).
My other half apparently got a gray couch and gray recliner. They arent the exact same shade but similar. We don't have them yet.
He originally wanted dark blue walls (as we had in our old bedroom). He agreed with me feeling it was a bad idea because the living room is small and our decor we want to put up has a lot of dark navy blue. We discussed a gray wall color maybe with accent wall(s) but i don't want the furniture to blend into the walls. I also don't want neon green accent walls (we are seahawks fans .. lol) but its worth mentioning as our decor involves the navy blue and neon green.
I need to post photos for this to make any sort of sense but basically how can I work with slopes AND arches AND views of other rooms .. and would you do an accent wall on an angled wall? The previous owners had the shortest wall as an accent but it was dark forest green compared to the all over beige. My mother in law already primed it for me and its clear to me that wall made the room look smaller.

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