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Kitchen layout advice

Steve S
2 years ago

Hello! We have a 1920s semi-detached home that currently has a galley kitchen. We are planning a reno and redesign of the space. We have 2 key questions.

First some background: our plan is to tear down the wall between the existing galley kitchen and the dining room and combine those rooms into one space. Off the back of our house currently is a screened-in porch, which would be converted to living space.

Attached are 2 sketches of the middle portion of the house, where the existing galley kitchen is combined with the existing dining room. Scale is one block = 1'.

The right side of the sketches are the party wall with the neighbor. The left side is an exterior wall. (A window is in the gap between the lower cabinets.)

Floor joists and ceiling joists run left to right as looking at the drawing. Exterior walls are original brick with plaster over them. Our basement is currently unfinished.

The kitchen plumbing in the *existing* galley kitchen is located at the right-most edge of the fridge (marked "F") along the party wall in the attached sketches. The waste and vent stack is in the back left corner of the fridge area in the sketch when looking at the fridge. In the renovation a structural beam would be added where the wall used to be (see dotted line on Sketch 1).

Q.1: Should the sink or the range go in the island? Sketch 1 shows sink in the island, and the stove on the party wall (and sketch 2 shows the reverse). Constraints for this question: we do *not* want a hood hanging down from the ceiling over the island, so a range would be unvented or use a down draft. Also, we are not (planning on) doing a separate cooktop and wall oven - rather, we prefer a single range.

Q.2: Should the back wall of the current house (at the top of the sketches) stay intact or should we open it up? Sketch 1 shows the opened up version. Sketch 2 shows the walls intact (this would avoid having to put in a structural beam across the back).

Appreciate any insights and advice! Thanks!

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