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Wood experts--Unstained natural birch vs natural maple as far as color

3 years ago

I am planning to change the doors and millwork on our place from the sleazy 40-year old very basic builders painted white doors and trim. My plan had been to go with maple. I was also contemplating maybe getting kitchen cabinets of the same wood. I am striving for a sleek modern look that's maybe Scandinavian in feel.

Now, I just came across this quote from an old posting here. "Another thing to remember: maple and cherry are both highly reactive to "light". Both will change colour as soon as your stain is exposed to sunlight. Maple (in it's natural form) moves from pale blond to "margarine yellow"...

Birch naturally lightens so it will slowly loose colour (which is what most people expect of wood). Just thought you should know that about cherry and maple."

Is this an accurate description of the differences between the two? If it is accurate, I think I should probably change to birch. Thanks.

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