Rough arrest of Black teen in LA prompts internal police probe

dublinbay z6 (KS)

Here we go again. Fortunately no shots fired, but that doesn't justify beating up a Black teenager.


"Police in southern Louisiana put one officer on leave, removed two more from regular duty and launched an internal probe of their confrontation with two Black teens. . . .

Bystander video appeared to show at least one officer throwing punches as Lafayette police handcuffed a young Black male Saturday night at the Acadian Lanes Bowling Alley. It wasn't immediately clear what happened before the videos showed punches being thrown.

Officers initially came to the scene answering calls that a person was in the parking lot with a gun, but they left after finding no one matching the description. . . .

When officers returned to the same parking lot 30 minutes later for an unrelated traffic stop, that's when they said they spotted that possible gun suspect. . . .

. . . Attorney Ronald S. Haley Jr. said in a statement that his two clients, 16-year-old twins, Gerard and Jabari Celestine, were the ones confronted by officers.

The responding officers handcuffed Jabari as he and his brother were waiting outside to enter the bowling alley and observing COVID-19 safety measures. . . .

[. . .]

"At that time, Gerard inquired with the police as to why his brother was being arrested. In response, officers pushed Gerard to the ground and began brutally beating him, as evidenced by the videos of the encounter."

Gerard was charged with interfering with a police investigation, resisting arrest, and battery of a police officer, while his brother Jabari was released without charges, Haley said.

The twins were not armed. . . .


The police seem to be actively investigating and there is video of the incident, so maybe we will get some conclusive answers about it. Or so we hope. But we are still left with the question of why such instances of police brutality against Black persons seem to happen so often. Institutional racism does seem possible. But, as Trump would say, we'll see.


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It wasn't immediately clear what happened before the videos showed punches being thrown.

FOAS says “we'll see” as well!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

What does FOAS mean? I can't get "funding opportunities" or "friends of Albert Schweitzer" to fit into the discussion. : )


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