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Under Cabinet lighting, outlets,& Single Bowl Workstation Sink options

3 years ago

Looking for suggestions on:

1. Under Cabinet Task Lighting Options

2. Electrical Outlets-How many electrical outlets would this layout need? Any specific tricks/trends for this? I've seen the ones that come out of the counter and while they are cool, not looking to add significant costs to the budget, but want to be up to date and user friendly. I do use lots of small kitchen appliances regularly (Vitamix, Instant Pot, Rice Cooker, KitchenAid stand mixer, food processor)

3. Best 33-36inch Single Bowl Workstation Sink (have used zero radius sink before, did not drain well and I am looking for something with easier cleaning and a slope for drainage. In my experience the one I used was super hard to keep clean and avoid a nasty film in/around the grid designed to prevent scratching and hard to rinse food/crud out the corners.)

Thank you!

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