Thoughts on improving curb appeal to tall Colonial?

last year
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I want to upgrade the front exterior of my house and could use some ideas/guidance. Pretty tall Colonial house that is boring me to me from the front. Thought about changing the color of the vinyl siding, but with the cost for new siding for this size house I wanted to explore other options as well.

I was thinking either a Portico to add some dimension, or even a portico/porch combination but that might be stretching the budget too far. I'm working with a landscaping company now to add some taller trees/features, but want to explore structural options as well. Would also be interested in removing/changing the stone around the front door. Lastly, will be replacing the roof in the spring so any thoughts on the color would be helpful as well.

Could something as simple as a darker roof, black shutters and changing the stone around the door & new door work?

Here are some pictures from a bunch of different vantage points:

Any thoughts, or pictures of similar houses with better curb appeal?

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