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Those with split foyer houses, worth it to improve?

3 years ago

We have a 70s split foyer house and are currently in the middle of a kitchen renovation that will improve functionality for us and look better. We also took Out the wall separating the living/dining/kitchen so it is opened up. We are considering other small renovations in the house so that we like where we live for the next 30 years.

There are other things we’ve thought about, such as changing the downstairs floor plan a bit or other more intensive construction to make the house more appealing if we ever sell, but I also have this nagging feeling that any Improvement for solely resale purposes would be a waste. Our house is on 2.5 acres and there is plenty of room for someone to knock down our house and build a much better house.

Does anyone know if people are knocking down split foyers? Or maybe that in 30 years they likely will be? I mainly make decisions based on what will I like and what will be good for our family, but I wonder if I should even Be worrying about future sale of the house if it would be knocked down anyway.

I feel like I did a poor job of getting my point across in this post, but hopefully someone understands and can offer insight. Thanks.

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