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His and Her closet Dilemma

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I have huge master suite with big master bed and master bath. There are two his and her closet facing each other and is located while walking from bedroom to bathroom. However closets are not that huge by sq ft area the way master bed and bath are. I would like to get advise from experts here, How to make the closet feel like more organized and spacious.

We are just 2 people in the house so rest other 2 bed rooms closet are all for us on second floor as well as one closet on main floor.

Or shall I use some space in master bath to make space for my accessories and daily bath needs

Closet measurement both- 12 ft length and 5 ft widh (one wall). Other wall has door opening inside so available space is only 3.6 ft. If i remove the doors (not sure if it is advisable as it will show hinges on the door frame) then both sides will be 5ft wide

  1. Closet left wall
  2. Closet- Right and front
  3. Closet- Front
  4. Positioning of right and left closet while walking from master bed to bath

5. Bath has space on right and left to the tub

6. Bath has space on the right below window and left outside the toilet

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