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wallpaper over lead paint; how to remove the wallpaper??

Erin Luke
2 years ago

Subject says it all for the most part. We’ve got an old home we’re buying that has wallpaper from the 1960s and older. I know the paint beneath it is lead paint and I’m wondering how to remove the wallpaper safely? We have two young kids so I’m wanting to have this removed and the lead paint abated before we move in but I’m not sure who does this sort of thing. I’ve called and wallpaper removers don’t want to mess with the paint and painters don’t want to remove the wallpaper. I’m also aware that this will most likely cost 10K which is significant. I’ve read k can do it myself in which case I was considering removing the wallpaper and encapsulating the lead paint. We’ve also got a wall of mirrors which I’m sure will damage some plaster upon removal. 🤔

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