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Mixing Hardwood Floors

3 years ago

I would appreciate help in figuring out how to deal with my floor dilemma. We recently moved into our home, which is in the mountains. The house was built in the late 90's so it has the golden oak floors that were so prevalent at the time. It also has the golden trim baseboards and window trim (looks like maple and not oak). We have a step down living room that you enter from the kitchen or an extremely large entry way. The living room has a cream carpet which should have never been used for a home in the mountains with snow/mud a part of everyday life 6+ months of the year.

I would like to replace the carpet with wood and am wondering if I could use another type of wood since the living room is a step down. My thought would be maybe the same wood in a trim around the living room and then maybe a natural oak in the center. Would I need to use the same narrow planks or could I go a little wider? I would prefer not to add the same golden oak and I'm not fond of more carpet as we have dogs. Any ideas, thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have attached pics to help visualize. BTW, the stair railing is being replaced with a more modern railing system and the kitchen cabinets are also being replaced.

Any help, suggestions, ideas and pictures would be much appreciated.

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