Quartz Dilemma... update countertops with light maple cabinetry

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2 Goals:

1. We are looking to brighten/lighten/update the kitchen area by replacing all the pre-existing black countertops (and floors too, but those will come after counter).

2. We are extend the existing 7-ft island countertop length by 5 feet and widening to 40 inches to include counter-height seating. This well replace needing a separate kitchen table in the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinetry is light maple, natural, but must have had a "chocolate glaze" originally, which is charmingly wearing-off and makes them look just the tiniest bit "distressed." The cabinets are not orange-y or yellowed, IMO. I like how the cabinets look, and I'm not a fan of the painted white cabinet-craze. I want to keep the wood, so painting cabinetry is not an option to lighten the space. I'm not opposed to painting the island cabinetry, though (?)

We originally wanted a natural stone, but have found no granite options at granite suppliers nearby that I love. Soapstone and quartzite all have strong veining that wouldn't work on long island unless exactly bookmatched. I looked into quartz and believe it could be a great alternative to natural stone for our needs.

**Here is the main issue**:

I know and accept that our island will have at least one seam since it will be so long. This is life. Briefly, I had considered shortening the length of the island countertop to the size of a Jumbo slab (130 inches) but I realize I can't sacrifice the seating that my family needs and wants around the island.

I gravitate toward quartz warmer-white, marble-like options with some hint of warm-grey/brown tone that would look good with our cabinets. However, a crazy-obvious disruption in veining at the seam would drive me NUTS.

So - I have found a few options that don't have such strong veining: MSI's Marbella White, Fairy White, Cashmere Carrara, Calacatta Vincenza, Hanstone Classic Statue, or Cambria Seacourt (unfortunately only available at Home Depot and I’m hesitant to use a big box installer?). I feel like these patterns would be more acceptable for the long island, in regards to the seam / pattern.

ALTERNATIVELY: MSI Calcatta Verona is one of their 2 styles that can be bookmatched, which may solve my veining/seam issue - but I'm not convinced it would go well.

Floors are a whole other consideration.

Thoughts? Help!

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