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What are these patches on my indoor Confederate Jasmine?

Latte Pena
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I noticed these little bubbles this afternoon on my Jasmine. So far, these plants are isolated because I thought they might have had powdery mildew (they did not) but now I'm glad because I'm worried this is scale. If not scale, what the hell is it?
I bought six rooted cuttings of CJ, and split them between two biggish pots. Funnily enough, this is happening on specifically one plant per pot.
Secondly, I'm noticing some new growth looking distinctly lime green or yellow-green. I'm not sure if it's calcium deficiency or if it needs fertilizer, but I recently have fertilized it with half-strength Miracle Grow indoor plants fertilizer. I'm just not sure if I used enough. Or too much. The yellowing is happening to one or two plants per pot (but different plants than the ones I'm worried about re: scale). I also think I may need to change the soil mix for these pots, because it's somehow getting pretty compacted despite it being very fresh soil (I've used a chopstick to try to aerate the soil and decompact it a bit). I used miracle grow indoor potting mix and added perlite and peat moss. I know CJ likes to be pretty moist but not like, too wet so I don't water often, but water deeply when I do and use my water meters to check dryness near the roots. I got them in mid July and have only watered twice since, but the soil just will not dry out. Any tips on what mix of soil you'd use would be appreciated as well. I have perlite, vermiculite, peat, horticultural charcoal, some coarse sand, pumice, African Violet mix, and miracle grow indoor potting mix at my disposal.
Thanks for any advice!!
Also apologies for formatting, my phone does not seem to want to play nice. Pictures of the issue: