It seems my lawn care provider killed my lawn - Input needed

last year

Last year I renovated my back yard - grading, new soil all new sod. It took beautifully. I have been babying my lawn and mowing it meticulously, adjusting mowing heights and frequency for the season.
For a few years I have also been paying for a lawn care service - preemergent, fertilizer, grub/fungus control, aeration/seeding etc. This is a high volum local company that has a pretty good reputation, although I've had some issues related to this very problem in the past.
Anyway, I am located in MD, grass is tall fescue. My lot is surround by large mature trees so my lawn never gets sun scorched in the summer.
So a couple of weeks ago, during the heat of the summer, my lawn care company apparently applied a weed killer - mind you my lawn had NO weeds. I noticed shortly after this application that the center of my backyard started browning out and dying. The patch has grown to what you seen in the pictures. As soon as I noticed this, I called the company. They initially stated they put a weed killer down and that bleaching of the grass would occur and is "normal." I told him this isnt bleaching, my grass is dead. Now other blades of grass are "bleaching" out and looks terrible. They said having aeration and overseeding done will help to bring the area back???!
Now I am beyond upset considering the $'s AND time/effort I've put into this lawn over the last year. They were to send someone out to look at my lawn, supposed to have a conversation with him tomorrow, but I am only expecting excuses.
Why on earth would they put a weed killer down on lawn that had no weeds, lawn that already has some heat stress, in the middle of the summer???
Here are a couple of pics, one is from approx a month ago (sorry all I had) and one is just from yesterday.
Thoughts on causes and is applying a herbicide on heat stressed cool season grass an acceptable practice?

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