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Help: Redesign master bath layout to add tub

2 years ago

Hi, we will be moving into a new home and are finalizing scope with a contractor for some remodel work.

I would also love to find a way to add a tub to the master bath. It is currently a spacious (for our city) 11' x 9' room with a large 4' x 7' 10" shower area. Layout of the current floor & my proposed design below.

The only tub in the house is in the kids bathroom (next to the master bath), and it's very very shallow - great for bathing kids but I'll never use it. I'm longing for a deep soaking tub and trying to see if I can add it without making the master bath too crowded. We are daily shower people but I have consistent back pain & will appreciate being able to soak once a month or less.

  1. I considered moving the WC to the right next to the barn door and taking space from the master bed. This would allow for a tub & shower side by side along the back wall. The contractor said that won't be possible since the drainage is along the exterior wall and can't be moved to the floor in the bedroom.
  2. The only other option I'm seeing is adding the tub to the right end of the large shower area. Contractor says this is possible, will need to figure out adding a door to the shower (currently just an opening at the end). So the tub would be right in front of the barn door. Will this feel too crowded and make the shower experience less enjoyable?

I'm considering an alcove (with a pony wall for the 3rd side) or drop-in (will this take more space than alcove?) NOT a freestanding based on all the advice from this forum. I don't want to deal with cleaning around a freestanding tub with such little space around it.

I've learned so much from all of you here, would appreciate advice/ input for these questions :

(i) Does this design work or is there a better way to add a tub? Or should I give up the idea of a tub here?

(ii) IF this design works, would love any advice on alcove vs drop in for the space & recommendations for deep tubs to consider.


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