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Feedback on bathroom layout

3 years ago

Here is what was given to us by the architect for adding a bathroom. This is a smaller house and therefore small master and now new master bath. I’m not in love with either, prefer the double vanity. Window doesn’t currently exist, so it is moveable. Also we asked for a pocket door, it’s been drawn as a normal door on these plans. Is there a better layout? I prefer the window direction in the drawing with the double vanity, but better layout is more important. Also don’t like the linen closet on the counter (do not like this design at all, seems to be in a lot of builds in our area). The room measures out to 6’.6” by 11’

For the 2nd picture, what if you swap the toilet and vanity to have a double Vanity and put up a wall to give the toilet some privacy with it being right off the entrance?

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