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Kitchen Reno - how can I improve my kitchen?

3 years ago

It's time to renovate my kitchen and I'm considering removing walls in order to improve the layout. I don't know how to create a better layout. My thought was to create an island between the kitchen and living room but then I have no idea how to arrange the living room. I'd welcome all suggestions. The only thing I can't do is move the Florida Room walls. Everything else is fair game.

I've included 2 pictures. One is the current layout with some furniture that approximates what we own. The other has some dimensions and suggestions on which walls to remove. Thanks in advance! I can add real photos if anyone wants to see what it really looks like.

What I hate about this kitchen:

  • You can't have 2 people in there or you constantly run into each other
  • There isn't enough storage space or counter space.
  • There's only 9" of counter on either side of the stove
  • There's no visibility from the kitchen to the TV in the living room (very important to my husband, the chef)
  • The peninsula extends 1 foot into the family room blocking part of the path to the Florida room. There are bar stools there that we never use.
  • The wine fridge is by the front door because there's nowhere else to put it. :(

What I like about the kitchen

  • The work flow is efficient with the sink, dishwasher, range, fridge and microwave all within a few steps of each other.
  • I like the location of the sink since I can look through the window to the back yard.

Tentative ideas

  • Extend kitchen storage/cabinets into the "dead zone" of the Family room. This zone is dead because the traffic pattern cuts across the room to get to the bedrooms and bathroom so you can't put seating in that area.
  • Create an island where the fridge/range are now. The island could easily be wide enough for double storage cabinets (i.e. on both the kitchen side and the living room side. It could also have an overhang and bar stools but I actually don't care for bar stools. They are uncomfortable and I don't want to sit facing into the kitchen.
  • Get rid of the peninsula and move the fridge to the same wall as the sink/dishwasher?
  • Moving the sink is probably not a good idea as it would require cutting the concrete slab to move the plumbing.

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