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Is having 2 master bedrooms by reducing # of bedrooms a pro or a con?

2 years ago

Hi, We are building a house in Dallas. Most of the houses in the community have 5 bedrooms (1 master bedroom on ground floor and 4 small bedrooms upstairs). Since we have little kids we would like to sleep on the same floor. To resolve this problem, we are thinking to create a 2nd master bedroom upstairs by combining two bedrooms so we can use that master bedroom with kids in a small bedroom on the same level. and the downstairs 1st master bedroom can be used a guest room. Now, that leaves us with number of bedrooms is decreased to 4 ( 2 master + 2 normal).

- How negatively would this reflect on the house resale value, to have a 4 bedroom ( 2 master + 2 normal) as opposed to the 5 bedroom houses in our community (1 master and 4 normal) ?

- our lot size is huge, so for a big lot, how bad is it to have a 4 bedroom instead of 5 bedrooms?

Diffrent scenario -

- to make this house a 5 bedroom house, if we could CREATE a 2nd bedroom downstairs, how beneficial would it be to have (2 master + 3 normal) as opposed to (1 master and 4 normal ) house?

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