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Extra large kitchen sink vs counter space

Dave H
3 years ago

Hi everyone! I am finishing up my design for a completely gutted kitchen renovation and am conflicted on the sink size. My current plan in Ikea cabinets with semi handmade panels to keep costs somewhat down so I have budget for more high-end appliances and fixtures. I am a heavy kitchen user and do all sorts of cooking and baking. I am eying a workstation style sink in either 33 or 45 inch length.
I can fit a 36 inch sink cabinet centered in the wall with a window leaving room for a 24 inch dishwasher to the right and 15 inch waste/recycling cabinet to the left. Alternatively I could make a custom 6 inch cookie sheet type cabinet to the left and reduce the filler panel to the far right to fit a 48 inch sink cabinet, but it could not be centered in the window and it doesn't seem to be a offered via Ikea. This would leave about 8 inches of counter to the left of the sink.
I would like to hear from some folks what they think about the trade off in this case. Is an extra 12 inches of sink worth the lost counter space and symmetry?

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