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Help! new tiny spotting clusters on Ficus Audrey leaves

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Just today i noticed some leaves on some of the newer branches had some tiny white spotting/clusters of spots that appear to be apart of the leaf, nothing i can scrape off.

any clues? I'd like to get ahead of this if it is an infestation. I already sprayed and wiped the leaves with neem oil to get ahead but im a bit nervous im about to have a big problem.

on some of the leaves it looks like it is causing some premature yellowing in some areas. there are probably 10 total leaves on the plant with signs of it and probably well over 100 leaves so it seems to be in the beginning stages.

Edit: Could this have something to do with misting of the leaves and too much moisture? Through some research that could be the cause as I haven't noticed any pests, or webbing from spider mites or anything else.

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