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Exterior SW paint colors for stucco home with tan roof, want aqua door

2 years ago

Help I am having trouble choosing body/trim colors that will work with newer roof. I really would like aqua front doors with other neutral colors. We will paint garage door the body color. Hubby suggested darker trim but I think lighter cream/off white may be better with aqua door. I am leaning towards sand/tan colors more than beige for the body. I am having trouble finding right balance between too light and too warm/dark colors. Trying to avoid too light, we did a swatch of nomadic desert which is close to current color, but has peachy look to it, Macademia may possibility. I want more of a muted aqua door vs a bright color. I have attached a daytime and evening photo. We are in Central Florida. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have used with SW color visualizer but colors look much different in real life.

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