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Quartz Slab Behind Stove Top With Surrounding Backsplash Tiled?

last year

We are installing a new kitchen and I would like a solid quartz slab that will sit only behind the stove and continue up to the ceiling. Since I am a messy cook, this would make cleaning the area behind the stove easier. But I am not fond of the entire remaining backsplash in quartz. I would like to surround the quartz behind the stove in a tile that would complement the quartz. Cambria's Brittanica Warm is my choice for the counter and the slab that will sit behind the stove. The kitchen is transitional with upper cabinets in white and the lower cabinets and island in walnut.

Has anyone out there done this? I'm having trouble finding a site that shows this concept. I see plenty of decorative tiled backsplashes just behind the stove, but this isn't what I'm looking for. I want a smooth, grout-less surface behind the stove and the surrounding backsplash with a complimenting tile.

Any thoughts, ideas, pictures, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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