Need kitchen design ideas - weird layout

Maria H
last year
last modified: last year

Hi there, we are planning on renovating the kitchen of our condo but we're stuck because of the weird layout. The condo was built in 2000 but everything is builder grade, so we eventually want to replace all of the linoleum/carpet floors with tile and hardwood and replace all of the cabinets and counters. We want to maximize counter and cabinet space and ideally get rid of the breakfast bar to open up the space into the living area. However, I'm afraid that it might look weird because of the HVAC closet which we do not want to relocate due to cost. We also do not want to change the location of the dishwasher, sink and stove. If we do decide to get rid of the breakfast bar, we also need ideas on how to transition the tile floor in the kitchen to the hardwood floor in the living area tastefully. Below I've included the floor plan and pictures of the space. Any ideas?


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