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Need to update this 90s exterior and increase the curb appeal! Help!

kristine l
2 years ago

I would appreciate some ideas for updating the front of our 90s era home. We are thinking about removing the middle column which does not appear to be structural, and trying to trim the size of the other two (or slimmer on top, bigger on the bottom). We are also considering eliminating the arch in the big window and also squaring off the arches in the stucco, leaving only the large arched window over the front door. We will also thinking we can remove the stripes across the front of the house and the large white trim around the window.

With the middle column gone, we could remove the bushes that line the sidewalk in front of the porch and create a cute little front porch area in front of that window.

We also need to replace the window and the front door, and are open to changing out the garage door. We like light and bright and open.

We are a little stuck on ideas for the door and windows, and whether squaring off the arches will give it a more current look. Also willing to consider other ideas to improve the overall look and feel. Maybe pavers? Change house color?

Has anyone done a curb appeal update like this? I would be grateful for any ideas and/or your inspiration pictures!

Thank you!!

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