this is NOT the hot topics forum

bragu_DSM 5

Please keep things civil.

If you must be political and finger point ... please go to HT

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I agree, thank you.

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I agree also. I believe the few small fish that turns everything political don't want to swim in the big pond such as HT because they know they would get eaten alive.

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KT was no Hot Topics allowed for several years. I miss that.

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I have modified the Florida Sheriff post to stress the health issue, and certainly health is an acceptable topic.

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So, we can’t talk about the Postal Service or the wearing of masks? Or the upcoming school schedules? Or about testing for Covid? Or the shortage of things for sale at the grocery store?

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I don't often get involved in these "discussions" but I think some of you are missing the point. Those who would prefer that these discussions take place at Hot Topics aren't "censoring" as much as they're trying to keep KT a place to get-away-from-it-all...away from the ugliness of the current political situation and the overwhelming health concerns brought about by Covid-19.

The KT is/was a place of comfort and a diversity from the strenuous day-to-day living that we're exposed to these days. can laugh at silly cartoons...admire lovely a neighbor...and support those in need of special care or advice. A place away from arguments...violence...and world unrest.

KT is their haven away from the real world. Is it so impossible to accept/understand that? Those who want to partake of the heated discussions can...and do...from my observations...walk on over to the HT page and get involved there. how it was meant to be.

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The Kitchen Table is like a house. Each individual thread is a room. You don't have to open every door. If you think your parents are doing something in the bedroom that you don't want to know about, don't open the door and peek inside. And especially, don't then complain about what they're doing in there!

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Winter, you are in a fantasy world: A place away from arguments

If you've ever read some of the threads about what to wear to a funeral, whether or not to take a covered dish to a Thanksgiving invite, dog food, you've seen that there are plenty of heated arguments to be had here. There is nothing wrong with having a complete difference of opinion from someone else, we are not all alike..

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I have no idea what people here do, Sephia. Personally...I don't
have the time nor the inclination to read every single thread. There
are days upon days when I never visit KT because my real life prevents
me from doing so.

What I was trying to contribute is there are two
sides to this issue. It's not necessarily a matter of changing times.
Often the subjects mentioned end up in nasty, verbal confrontations and
name calling rather than as respectable conversations. The members of
the I've observed over the 20 years I've been here...are very
news savvy and observant people. And I'm sure...they get their fill of
the news in their private sectors. KT is their place to rest and relax
for a spell.

I don't dictate. I do...and did...try to present a
complete picture of this forum and its members. And I really don't
measure my success or anyone else's by the number of "likes" one gets.

there's room for everyone here as long as we all treat each other with
respect. If you want a good argument...take it to the HT forum. Many a
good battle is fought there on a regular basis.

If members
don't scroll by a topic it's because they may be interested or curious.
When that topic becomes a back alley snippy fight...that's when the
trouble starts.

I don't think it's a matter of control by some
members. It's a request to take squabbles and insults elsewhere. Why
is that so hard to do?

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Kitchen Table is for more than a good recipe for apple pie. It's about life!

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I agree, Lily...but...done respectfully. There should be no place here for name calling and
personal insults simply because one member doesn't agree with another member's opinion. A topic is a topic. Not an invitation to besmirch another member.

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rob333 (zone 7a)

You shouldn't besmirch anyone on any forum. Not on Hot Topics. There are no excuses. Not even if you agree/disagree with the opinion expressed, and especially regardless of which political flavor. Not if you're being polite, or professionally running a forum. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. No reason is right.

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