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Homeowners Insurance Wont Insure New Home Purchase

Lisi Lewis
2 years ago

Hi all,

We're newly under contract for a small, old fixer cottage. Yay! Here is the first issue (likely of many): It needs a new roof in order for any homeowners insurance provider to insure us, and thus, needs a new roof to close the deal.

However, we are planning on adding a second story to the home within 18 months, so we don't want to spend the money to add a new roof that will then get torn off when we add the second story. A few questions:

1) Can you repurpose a roof? i.e. If we replace the roof, can we pick up the newly replaced roof and use it on the second story of the house?

2) Does the entire roof have to be replaced if we add a second story, or just the pieces where the second story covers the first story?

Can anyone advise on what we should do? My train of thought right now is to just buy the cheapest roof possible to last us the next 18 months, then tear it off and start over when we add our second story (see ya later, $9K!)

Thanks in advance!

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