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Unbearable Noise from Trane Mini Split

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

This Trane mini split HVAC makes this very loud buzzing/drilling/alarm type of noise intermittently, with variable amounts of time in between each “buzz,” but at least once every 4-5 minutes, lasting for a few seconds! Sometimes it will do it every minute; in fact, one time it interrupted itself while still buzzing so that it could start buzzing again! Here is a video of the noise happening:

And it even makes this noise when the unit is turned off!!

I would like to get as many opinions on this as possible and what the possible cause could be. Please tell me it’s not the normal operation of the unit, as a maintenance guy claimed! I don’t see how Trane could keep selling these things if that’s the case...who could ever sleep with that loud alarm going off every 4 minutes???!!

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